1980s Poster Art Print

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A colourful explosion of 80's pop culture painstakingly rendered in Microsoft Paint.

From the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to The Hoff, all the heroes of your 80's childhood are gathered under the neon soaked skyline of New York for the ultimate 80's block party. E.T.'s brought his boombox, Rambo's on keytar, Robocop and The Terminator are doing "The Robot" while Freddy, Jason and Pinhead smash the thriller dance and Prince has just rocked up in a Delorean. This is definitely what the 80's was really like*

*may not be true

  • Giclée archival quality print on 310GSM Textured Fine Art Stock
  • Hand embossed for authenticity
  • Damage proof packaging
  • Available as a print only or pre-framed in a lightweight premium black frame with perspex front

All Art Prints are made to order, just for you. On larger prints this can mean that this takes an extra day or longer to dry before we send it out to you, but this prevent the print from 'rippling' during delivery. This means that the next day delivery option on large prints is from the date of dispatch, not the order date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Ben Miskowicz

So cool! Sits nicely in the office!

Peter Allan

Awesome ! Great quality, genuinely impressed. Highly recommend 👏👏👏

Alice Bain
"They're all heeeeeere..."

This child of the 80s loves it.

Hadyn Bell-Norris

Awesome artwork, and it arrived in great condition despite having so far to travel.

david gannon
Nostalgic AF

Loved this peace its a great talking point when I have friends over always at it tryna spot something different each time I love it