Dibnah V Sauron Art Print

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"Fred Dibnah knocking down Sauron's Tower"

As requested by smit1977z

  • Giclée archival quality print on 310GSM Textured Fine Art Stock
  • Hand embossed for authenticity
  • Damage proof packaging
  • Available as a print only or pre-framed in a lightweight premium black frame with perspex front

All Art Prints are made to order, just for you. On larger prints this can mean that this takes an extra day to dry before we send it out to you, but this prevent the print from 'rippling' during delivery. This means that the next day delivery option on large prints is from the date of dispatch, not the order date.

Customer Reviews

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Tom O'Mahony

A thing of immense beauty

Lorna Webley

Fantadtic art work


"One does not simply walk into Mordor."
Unless you're Fred Dibnah! His likes will never be seen again on this earth, nor middle earth. Saurons defeat would have been less spectacular had Fred not been there to reduce Barad Dûr to a pile of rubble! Only a man that breathes coal smog could've survived the poisoned air of Mordor.

A fantastic tribute to Fred, and indeed to Tolkien. Nice one Jim (and to smit1977z for the request), this piece is proudly mounted in my living room. A fantastic conversation piece that entertains all that visit my home.

The quality of the print is outstanding, packaged lovingly and delivered swiftly.

If you haven't any art from Jim, adorning your house, castle or hobbit hole walls, I urge you to get it while you can. There is a magic and a uniqueness within Jim's paintings that can be found nowhere else on this forsaken world . A symbiosis of a discredited painting program, a talented man that wields such tools, and the imagination of the peoples of this world that request these legendary pieces of art.
Many years from now, you will wish you had indulged. Go now, indulge.

Stephen Louch
Super print and excellently framed

Print and frame arrived in perfect condition. Packaging kept everything safe. As a gift it was loved

Simon D
Did you like that

Very impressed. Great quality pic, delivered quickly, and has been liked by everyone I’ve shown it to. I’ll definitely be buying more Jim’ll Paint It pics