Cola Wars Christmas Card

Cola Wars Christmas Card

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"Dear Jim, for Xmas could I have Mad Max protecting the Coca Cola truck from an assault by competing soft drink providers (Pepsi, Cresta, Barr, Panda Pops, etc…)? He has to escort it to Chesterfield for some reason."

As requested by Jamie Baynham

  • 160 x 160mm
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Customer Reviews

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Chazzy D
Husband so happy with it, he's framed it in his office!

He was so pleased with the card, I shouldn't have bothered with the actual present as it didn't compare to Mad Max... Thanks Jim!

Guido Endlein
SO good

Mad Max became a bit of a cult between my friends and me, we always had to watch at least the first ten minutes of part one on each annual asparagus and curly kale meal. This quirky take on the theme is fantastic, as it pushes the satire to another level. I'm sure George Miller would love it. I second the idea of another reviewer to put it behind glass and get it out each year. Come to think of it, I probably buy the large print as well for that and send the card to someone dear to me! It is so well executed, and I am proud of the Scots who order more Irn-Bru than Coca-Cola in McDonald's. Cola Wars decided there!

Richard Hall
Wrong card delivered

I'm sorry but you sent me the wrong card. I ordered the Cola Wars and Xmas Dinner. I received the Xmas Dinner one along with the Elf one. 😁

Xmas card

Got this as a Christmas card for my other half and he loved it, we are planning on framing it and bringing it out each Christmas