Give Your Meat A Good Ol' Rub - Christmas Jumper

Give Your Meat A Good Ol' Rub - Christmas Jumper

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Nothing brings tidings of joy quite like our Lord and Saviour demanding that you give your meat a good ol' rub.

I therefore present to you this festive Ainsleymas jumper to keep you warm and spicy over the cold winter months. Yeh-heh boiiii!

A genuine knitted jumper made here in the UK.

Don't settle for printed-on festive jumpers. Commit to the knit!

100% acrylic

  Chest size
S 35-37"
M 38-40"
L 41-44"
XL 44-46"
2XL 47-49"

Customer Reviews

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Willow Rolfe
The perfect jumper

I wear a small size, and usually small jumpers are too short on the waist or too long on the sleeves. This one was PERFECT. I'm wearing it all year round.

"Horrific, but beautifully made."

My sister's reaction upon receiving the jumper. Top marks, Jim.

Great product but came late and with poor updates

The jumper itself is a fantastic triumph in clothing sadly the whole process was pretty poor.

The item was delayed but I got no update and then it barely arrived in time for Christmas. Which is a flaw for a Christmas jumper. Guess I’ll wear it next year…

My Step-dad wont stop masturbating

Thanks to Jim's crass and offensive sense of humour i was coaxed into thinking this would make an acceptable Christmas for my step-dad,
Unfortunately due to the presents unrivalled success he now wont stop rubbing his meat, now him and my mother are separating and its all Jim's fault, Fuck you Jim!

Simon Ham

1. Anyone complaining the jumper arrived late is a weirdo who starts Christmas far too early. These people are not to be trusted. We all had our jumpers for Christmas. Mission accomplished. Full marks.
2. It’s actually a very nice quality jumper! I don’t wish to sound like a dick, but I wasn’t expecting much in the way of textile quality, I bought it for the art. But it stayed for the cosiness. As a stand-alone piece it’s great, and it stands up in the company of others and stomps all over supermarket tat. Once again, dix points.
3. I’m a big fan of Jim’s vast talent and endless patience and have a few pieces of his art adorning my walls, and this is yet more utter genius. What is more Christmassy than Ainsley Harriott?? And the joy of finding one of our own personal catch phrases woven into the motif - yeh boi - was a real Christmas miracle.

Thank you Jim, you fixed it for me to have the greatest Christmas jumper in my house, village, county and solar system and you can literally do no wrong. I hope you do another jumper next year because I have 5 kids and a better half and I need to dress them all in Jim’ll…

You deserve every one of your 5 stars. I bloody love you ❤️