Jimmos - Official Jim'll Paint It Milk Caps - Full Set of 25

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I'm back ...in pog form!

This is your chance to own all 25 Series 1 Jimmos, featuring artwork from 24 of the most popular pieces from the first 5 years of Jim'll Paint It. Includes such favourites as Ross Kemp On Toast and Coronation Street Fighter II. Relive the playground excitement with holographic shinies and an authentic collector's checklist.

Everyone of a certain age knows that pogs are the ultimate visual medium - especially for artwork made with software from the golden age of milkcap mania.

Limited Edition | Only 200 sets

Free shipping - please note that sets of Jimmos are dispatched from a separate location to T-shirts and prints. As such, if ordered at the same time they may arrive seperately and free shipping applies only to the Jimmos.

Disclaimer: Jimmos are collectable milk caps and in no way associated with the World Pog Federation. Not suitable for actual children due to questionable content.