Ainsley Harriott: Son of God Ceramic Mug

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An eye-catching ceramic mug adorned with a portrait of Our Lord and Savior, Ainsley Harriott. Perfect for having a brew with your last supper... or your last breakfast... or your last lunch.

  • 11oz Mug Printed and Dispatched in a Safety Box
  • High Quality Ceramic
  • Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Proof
  • Fast Shipping From Bristol UK

Made in the city of Bristol, UK, packed and shipped with great care in smash proof packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Simon Taylor
It does exactly what it says on the tin. Sorry, Mug.

Yep. Pretty much spot on. Good quality and a great image to boot. Purchased for a work colleague. No doubt will remain a talking point.


Bought for a friend who was in need of cheering up and Ainsley is her favourite thing ever! She received it and snail trailed around the kitchen for about half an hour in excitement!! Brilliant gift!!

Jon Bone
Delivered hysterics

Bought as birthday present for celeb chef loving buddy and big Ainsley fan. Best gift he’s ever received - now has pride of place.

James Grieve

The artwork is fantastic. Would love to see more on the mugs. Maybe some mugs on mugs

Alex Clark
Putting celebrity chefs in perspective

Truly, Ainsley is the chosen one and this mug is a celebration of that. Bow down before me Nigella, Heston and all. But whose mysterious arm appears on the right hand side? Perhaps it is the ghost of Keith Floyd, seeking his 30 pieces of silver...